Brittain Family Tree

1 May, 2007 at 1:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Recently I spent an evening on researching my family tree. It was pretty damned amazing!! You get like 3 days to use all of the research tools for free, which includes access to massive amounts of historcal documents and archives.

Within a few hours I had traced the Brittain men back to Asa Brittain who was born in Whales somewhere between 1675 and 1688. He was married to Achea (or Achsa) in 1695. They gave birth to James, Samuel and William Brittain.

Between 1905 and 1908 it looks like they gave birth to James and moved to America where Asa and Achea died shortly after. There are no other records of the other sons either coming to America or where they died.

James Brittain lived a long life and died in 1776 … I wonder if it had something to do with the Revolutionary War!!!???

The history of the Brittain men goes back around 10 generations from myself. God it’s so FASCINATING! I want to know the stories behind all of these people, especially Asa and Achea.

To see an enlarged picture of the family tree click on the picture to link to my page (Wes Brittain, the man on the top left, is my Grandfather):




  1. Ruganzu said,

    Oh man, so you’re descended from the Welsh? I’m sorry, that sh No wonder you like Iceland and its crazy language. Hopefully you’ve got some of that Tom Jones type Welsh DNA in you.

    • Kelley cox said,

      hey I’m proud to be welsh! I’m welsh any way you shake me . Fathers side and mothers!I mean we had the druids way cool poets and teachers, never concord by Rome,or England though the never really tried they just declared we were part of them and the welsh really never answers! Ha I say

  2. Nicholas Brittain said,

    haha, yeah. this whole time i thought it was simply english blood that came from the british side. yet, although there is that welsh blood the fact that the brittain’s have been in muuurica for so long means i am like a tooootal mut.

    i think i will name my first child something like:

    klsuyo azsdoiuh adoidhnasaiknln

    … you know, just mash the keyboard and it looks like welsh to me.

  3. Monica said,

    My father was Robert Frank Brittain, son of Norman Lee Brittain, son of Frank Brittain- from Texas. (The good Texas, not the crazy Texas)

  4. Paul Brittain Olson said,

    From Medicine Lodge Kansas Larry Brittain brothers Dennis Brittain and Jerry bittain

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  8. Ur not related to carl brittain. My ancester is also asa brittain said,

    Email me i have the whole tree ps he did die in the war n his son was the youngist drumer boy

    • Kelley cox said,

      hey please see this! My mother has the newspaper article of him! She’s a brittian thru her mother Margaret brittian. Kansas and ark thru parkss 1st or 2nd wife

  9. Connie Russell said,

    Good start but there is so much more to uncover. Brittian name is traced back to 800’s.

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